I'd Like to Register for the Masterclass

Why Should You Come?

Do you struggle with self-doubt?
Do you constantly compare yourself with other dancers?
Do you worry about what your teacher or director thinks of you?
Do you put yourself down and think negatively about yourself?

If so, this masterclass is for you…

Just think, how much happier would you be and how much better would you dance if you actually believed in yourself?

Join us for 5 Weeks of LIVE video training, drawing from principles of performance psychology, focussed specifically on helping you to develop a more balanced and positive view of yourself so that you can face the challenges of the dance world with greater confidence and resilience.

What Will We Cover?

The aim of the Believe In Yourself Masterclass is to provide you with practical insights and strategies you can apply straight away that will enable you to take control over the way you think and feel about yourself.

* Why negative beliefs get so easily ingrained and are so hard to kick
* How to transform the way you see yourself so that you can really believe in yourself
* Skills to cope with criticism, competition and your own inner-critic
* Strategies to buffer yourself against a self-esteem crash
* How to turn your belief in yourself into actionable, achievable dance goals

About Your Presenter

Philippa is a qualified counsellor & family therapist specializing in working with dancers through her practice: Here to Help Dancers. She is also part of the Health team at the Australian Ballet School as a Student Counsellor and Performance Psychology teacher.
Prior to this, she worked for 6 years as a professional ballet dancer with the Hamburg Ballet Company in Germany.

Philippa is passionate about helping dancers overcome their mental and emotional barriers to performing at their best and would be honoured to be of service to you through the Believe In Yourself Masterclass.

Philippa Ziegenhardt

Counsellor, Performance Psychology teacher, Former Professional Dancer

What You'll Get

  • 5x 60minute live online training Masterclasses with Philippa
  • Access to the replay for 72hrs after each class, for those of you dancing or sleeping at the time of the live class!
  • Time for Q&A with Philippa at the end of each class via Chat (or ask in advance if you are unable to attend the Masterclass live)
  • Downloadable worksheets, info sheets and other tools to help you remember and apply what you learn

Watch With Your Dance School

Studio Pricing Available

Gather your students and watch the Believe In Yourself Masterclasses together as a school.
Resource your students to build the confidence they need to excel in their dancing.

Studio registrations allow unlimited viewers. You'll also get:
*Planning package including Invites, Poster & Studio decorations*
*Discussion starters and games to enhance each class*
*BONUS class exclusively for your school on a topic of your choice at a later date*

Studio Registration with unlimited viewers $225

Individual Registration $75

I look forward to meeting you at the Masterclass and helping you Believe in Yourself!


Philippa Ziegenhardt