Coaching & Counselling for Performers in Melbourne, Australia

Philippa offers specialised, one-on-one coaching & counselling for performers to help them develop their potential and overcome mental blockages that are getting in the way of performing at their best. Coaching and counselling sessions take place in our beautiful rooms in Carlton, Melbourne.

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Skype Coaching & Counselling for Performers Across Australia & the World

For those unable to access specialised support for performers in their area, Philippa offers online coaching & counselling via Skype in order to ensure performing artists and students can access the support they need to overcome issues and thrive in the industry.

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Talks & Workshops for Performing Arts Schools & Companies

Here to Help offers talks, workshops and courses to Schools and Companies on a range of topics relating to common issues performers face. Philippa teaches valuable mental skills as well as practical strategies in an engaging and interactive way.

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Injury Support Group for Melbourne Dancers

Philippa offers a weekly Injury Support Group in Carlton, Melbourne for injured dancers and dance students. The group provides a low-cost supportive environment for dancers to share their journeys, learn coping strategies and stay motivated during their rehab.

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