Believe In Yourself

Overcome Self-Doubt and Step Into Your Potential


Build rock solid confidence

  • Do you doubt whether you're good enough to make it?
  • Do you often worry about what others think of you?
  • Would you like to start performing with greater confidence?

Then the Believe In Yourself online course is for you

Don't let self-doubt hold you back any longer!

This could be your story...

"While I’m dancing I’m more in control, I feel joy..."

I discovered that if I dance with a positive motivation rather than a negative one, out of fear, then while I’m dancing I’m more in control, I feel joy and that’s when you can express yourself the most.

Amelia Drummond, Ballet Dancer, Staatstheater Karlsruhe

"Believing in myself didn't mean I had to develop an ego."

"Right from the beginning of the course, Philippa touched on so many thoughts and insecurities that I was feeling daily, that I suddenly felt less alone. It was a relief to think the ways I was used to thinking could actually be changed and that believing in myself didn’t mean I had to develop an ego"

Stephan Bourgound, Principal Dancer, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo

Why I created this course...

When I was dancing, I thought I was the only one who didn’t believe in myself. 

I thought everyone else had it all together and I was the only one who got stricken by fear of failing, crushed by criticism and felt like I wasn’t good enough more often than not.  

But after years working with performers & students as a counsellor and performance psychology teacher, I have come to realise I was definitely not alone. All too many performing artists experience the same fears & doubts that I did. And yet so few are taught how to manage these well.  

So, I decided to create this online course for performing artists, so that – wherever you are in the world – you can access solid information on how to believe in yourself in a really grounded way that will not only equip you to cope resiliently with the pressures of the industry, but also to experience so much more freedom, fun & fulfillment in your work.  

I hope that one day, programs like this will be a part of every up-and-coming performer’s training to help prepare them to survive and thrive in a competitive and sometimes cut-throat industry… For now, it’s for trailblazers like you!  

“When you explain things with your own experiences it almost proves that I do have the power to think positively and believe in myself.”

Believe In Yourself Participant

"I can’t believe there are ways to think differently and feel good about myself!"

When I first started watching, I thought it would be a very vague summary of how to believe in yourself and that it would generalise all performers and not really relate to me personally. 

However my opinion was completely changed as I found that every point you made was highly significant in my attitude towards dancing and it was so exact on my thought process that I was thinking, 'I can’t believe there are ways to think differently and feel good about myself!'”

Believe In Yourself Participant 

What the course covers...

The strategies for believing in yourself that I teach are grounded in evidence-based psychological principles and current neuroscience (but in a really easy-to-understand-and-apply way!).

Module 1

Understand the 4 most common self-limiting beliefs that get in the way of believing in yourself.

Module 2

Find out why negative beliefs get so ingrained and how to take control back over how you see yourself

Module 3

Rediscover your strengths and reignite your confidence in yourself as a person & a performer


Module 4

Learn the exact process of how to overcome fear & self-doubt and fully believe in yourself

Module 5

Discover how to stay positive, motivated and use goals to make sure you achieve your performing dreams


5 "mind-movie" visualisation exercises, full email support and printable journal workbook

"Thank you so much for this Believe In Yourself course. It was only when I started watching that I understood that all these experiences and emotions I have been struggling with have happened as a result of not believing in myself.

If it wasn't for this course I wouldn't have actually taken the time to stop and work out what my thoughts about everything were, and see the extent of which my self-limiting beliefs are holding me back."

Believe In Yourself Participant

About Philippa

Philippa Ziegenhardt is an experienced counsellor and former professional ballet dancer. She created StageMinded in 2011 in order to equip performers, students and teachers with the mindset skills to be the very best they can be.

Philippa is also the School Counsellor & teaches Performance Psychology at The Australian Ballet School and is a member of IADMS.

Philippa is passionate about getting the word out to people in the entertainment industry that there is a better way to cope with fear & self-doubt… You really can perform at your best while staying healthy, balanced and grounded.

“I am really enjoying having the thought processes explained. It all makes sense and knowing this gives me the confidence to change my thoughts or celebrate them, depending if they are helpful or not.”

Believe In Yourself Participant

What does it cost?

  • Lifetime Access to 5 Confidence-Building Multi-Media Modules
  • Downloadable Workbook to put your learning into action
  • Full email support from Philippa

Only $197

Charged in USD

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“Really enjoying the atmosphere of this course. Even though we are all separate I feel safe and part of a friendly group.”

Believe In Yourself Participant 

Money Back Guarantee

This course combines my industry experience working as a professional ballet dancer with 10 years as a counsellor for performing artists. I believe it will thoroughly equip you with the strategies, skills and insights to Believe In Yourself in a sustainable and grounded way.  

However, if you are not satisfied, please let me know within the first 7 days of the course and I will refund the full purchase price. No questions asked.

My daughter has been working through the course while she’s been off school for a few weeks and I really think she is getting a lot out of it. She has not had any really bad days, which is quite unusual when she is not able to dance. She seems less frustrated and more at peace with the situation.

I really feel this will be the best thing we have been able to give her and it has been money well spent. Thank you again for providing such a fantastic course.”

Believe In Yourself Participant's Mum 


Who is the course for?

Believe In Yourself is made for professional performers and serious students (e.g. dancers, singers, actors, musicians...). It is designed for those aged 15+, however students as young as 12 have taken the course and found it to be very relevant to their training. If you are unsure, remember you can trial the course and if you find it is not for you, receive a full-refund within the first 7 days.

How does the course actually work? 

You’ll gain access to 1 Module per week over 5 weeks.  

Each Module contains 5-7 video lessons, a guided audio Mind-Movie and a Workbook to put your learning into action. There are also opportunities to get email support from Philippa.

What issues does the course help with?

Believe In Yourself will help you overcome doubts about yourself and your abilities and really build up your confidence. Students have also found it helpful for managing perfectionism, performance anxiety, injury and transitioning to full-time training/ employment.

Will I really learn to believe in myself?

Learning to believe in yourself is an ongoing process. This course is the best launch pad I have seen, and it will provide you with a very thorough, research-grounded framework and the best tools for learning to believing in yourself that you can build on for life.  

How long will it take?

Ideally, allow 1-2 hrs each week to complete the work (including videos, audio, workbook and group interaction). The Modules are broken into 5-10min videos so you can easily spread the work out across the week. Of course, if you want to go slower, you have lifetime access so there is no rush. It doesn’t matter how long you take, what matters is that you commit to finishing! 😉

What is included in the course? 

In total, you will have access to 220 minutes of video training, 6 pdf workbooks, 4 inspiring printables and 5 audio "mind movies".

Got more questions?

No worries! Just send me an email and I'll make sure you get an answer.