Is Your Performance Mindset As Strong As It Needs To Be?

Learn the mindset secrets that will enable you to:

  • perform more consistently
  • build solid confidence
  • handle stress & pressure
  • fulfil your potential 
  • cope with the challenges of the industry well


What You'll Get...



Your mindset as a performer could make or break you. In mindset school, you'll learn real skills to strategically set you up with the know-how to thrive in the industry.



Each month we'll cover an essential Mindset Skill every performer needs, broken down into weekly, do-able chunks. 



Ask my anything when you get stuck, confused or face challenges in your work and I'll help you keep your mindset on track. 



As a former professional ballet dancer myself I understand the pressures of the industry and have tailored this program to equip you to face them confidently. 

Pen and paper


My simple worksheets will help you put your learning into action, to see your performance actually improve.

mobile devices


You don't have to go it alone! Give & get feedback, share your wins, egg each other on to be all you can be as performing artists. 

“Philippa touched on so many thoughts and insecurities that I was feeling daily. It was a relief to think the ways I was used to thinking could actually be changed, and that believing in myself didn’t mean I had to develop an ego."

Stephan Bourgond - Principal Dancer, Les Ballets De Monte Carlo

"Mindset School has helped me enormously with self-doubt. I used the strategies Philippa taught us in an audition with 14 directors... yep... 14... and they worked a gem."

Letitia Sutherland - Actor

"I discovered that if I dance with a positive motivation rather than a negative one, out of fear, then while I’m dancing I’m more in control, I feel joy and that’s when you can express yourself the most."

Amelia Drummond - Ballet Dancer, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

"Philippa, your work is absolutely brilliant! The content is perfect, your delivery style is amazing, everything is as good as it can get. My warmest congratulations. You are worth your weight in gold."

Janet Karin - Former IADMS President & Kinetic Educator, The Australian Ballet School

What We Cover...













Learn All The Essential Mindset Skills You Need to Thrive As A Performer

About Philippa...

Hey! I'm so glad you're here. As a former professional ballet dancer, I know firsthand the pressures and self-doubt that so many performers face when pursuing their dreams.  

But as a qualified Counsellor with over 6 years experience working with performing artists of all kinds, including being School Counsellor at the Australian Ballet School, I know the mindset skills that will give you the edge you need to step into your potential with confidence.  

Looking forward to working with you in Mindset School! 

:-) Philippa

How To Join Mindset School For $25

If you're a truly dedicated performer (or student) who wants to become the performer you have the potential to be and cope with challenges of the industry well, then StageMinded Mindset School is for you.

Mindset School is without a doubt, the most valuable information I can possibly share with you, combining everything I've learnt in over 6 years working with performing artists as a Counsellor as well as 6 years experience as a professional ballet dancer. 

(It will also take research-based strategies from performance psychology and current neuroscience and make them easy to understand, relevant and fun to put into action).

But just because I say that, doesn't mean you'll believe me...

In fact, most performers I've worked with usually aren't very convinced at the start that mindset training will actually make a difference for them... Until they try it! 

...And then most get a surprise when this stuff actually works and makes a huge difference, not only in their performance but also in regular life! 

So, I'd like to give you the chance to try Mindset School for just $25, so you can take it for a test-drive...

You'll have 30-days to join me on our first adventure into the wonderful world of mindset, where you'll discover exactly how you can use your mind to help you perform at your best. 

If you love what you learn about your performance mindset, you can continue to join me in Mindset School for just $75/month. No contracts. No minimum term.  

If you put just ONE strategy, from ONE lesson into practice in your performance, it will be worth an entire year's membership to you. But don't take my word for it. Take advantage of this exclusive $25 trial and see for yourself...

If you decide it's not right for you, for any reason at all, just contact me within your 30-day trial period at and let me know. I'll refund your $25 and you'll never be billed again. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Who (and what ages) is Mindset School for?

Mindset School is created for professional performing artists, as well as students training toward a career in the performing arts/entertainment industry. It is relevant to performers & students in all genres, including: singers, dancers, actors, musicians, musical theatre, comedy etc.  

Serious students and performers from the age of 10+ will benefit from Mindset School. My hope is that if students can get equipped with a great mindset as early as possible, they will be set up to handle themselves well as a performer and avoid many of the common pitfalls of the industry. 

If you are unsure whether you (or your child/student) are ready to join Mindset School, remember you can trial the course for $25 for 30 days and if you find it is not suitable, receive a full-refund, no questions asked.

2. I'm a teacher, can I do Mindset School too?

Of course you can! 

I take my hat off to any teacher who is committed to learning the skills that will help your students to excel in their performance in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way! The material is definitely relevant to teachers, both personally and also in your work with students. We already have some teachers enrolled, so it will be great to have you join us!  

3. I'm really busy. I'm constantly in classes, rehearsals, competitions, masterclasses and performances, plus schoolwork, homework, at some point I need to eat too... How much time will I need to set aside to do Mindset School and is it for me if I'm this busy?

I know how BUSY performing artists and students can be, so I have made this course as flexible for you to access as possible. Access Mindset School on your phone while you commute, on your iPad between rehearsals or on your computer at home.

I recommend setting aside around 30mins in your week to watch the video lessons and complete the worksheets. Yes, it will be another "to-do" in your week, but the payoff is feeling more empowered, with skills, strategies and support to help you work smarter, sleep better & get more out of the other 23.5hrs in your day. 

If you get behind for whatever reason (big performances, exams, personal issues etc.) don't worry! You will have access to the course materials as long as you are enrolled, so feel free to go at your own pace. 

4. How much does Mindset School cost after the 30-day $25 trial? 

If you love what you learn about your performance mindset, you can continue to join me in Mindset School for just $75/month. Each month, you'll master an essential mental skill that will boost your performance. With weekly targeted training videos and monthly group mentoring sessions with Philippa you'll be equipped to face any challenge or performance pressure confidently.

If you put just ONE strategy from ONE lesson into practice in your performance, it will be worth an entire year's membership to you. But don't take my word for it. Take advantage of this exclusive $25 trial and see for yourself.

5. I'm in! When will I get access to Mindset School? 

Right away! Just click the button below, set up your Mindset School logins, register for your $25 trial and you'll get immediate access to the first training videos.

More questions?

Just email me at and I'll make sure your questions get answered!