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What other performers are saying

Every performer has a moment of crippling a self-doubt. You are definitely are not alone. These performers have felt it too, but you should read what they have to say after working with Philippa.

I discovered that if I dance with a positive motivation rather than a negative one, out of fear, then while I’m dancing I’m more in control, I feel joy and that’s when you can express yourself the most.

Amelia Drummond

Ballet Dancer, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Philippa touched on so many insecurities I was feeling daily. It was a relief to know the way I was thinking could actually be changed and that believing in myself didn’t mean I had to develop an ego.

Stephan Bourgond

Principal Dancer, Les Ballets
De Monte Carlo

Mindset School has helped me enormously with self-doubt. I used the strategies Philippa taught us in an audition with 14 directors... yep... 14... and they worked a gem.

Letitia Sutherland


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