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It’s ok to be a work-in-progress

Do you ever wonder when you’ll have it all together? There can be this unspoken expectation that you ‘should’ always be on top of things. The truth is, life is a process and within it, many seasons. Just like the ever-changing maple tree, you are a wonderful work in progress. Read More

How to stay positive whilst injured

Injury can bring on feelings of significant loss. I’m sure you’ll agree, as a performer, you become so deeply connected with your work, that it really becomes how you identify yourself. Often we aren’t consciously aware of this sense of identity, until something changes. Read More

Recharge your Performance with the Power of Flow

Can you recall a time you were completely absorbed in your performance? It could be something you experienced quite recently, or perhaps you can remember a significant moment from your childhood… Was it the first time you nailed a pirouette? Or that feeling of moving fluidly to music? Read More

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