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Overcoming Post Performance Blues

The curtain falls, the lights go down and your heart is full. But there’s an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. You suddenly feel alone. Tomorrow feels unfamiliar and you... Read More
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How to improve your performance with your eyes closed

It's the stuff that dreams are made of – improving your performance with your eyes closed – but how do we harness the power of mental imagery in reality? Read More
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It’s ok to be a work-in-progress

Do you ever wonder when you’ll have it all together? There can be this unspoken expectation that you ‘should’ always be on top of things. The truth is, life is a process and within it, many seasons. Just like the ever-changing maple tree, you are a wonderful work in progress. Read More
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Teachers: Tired? Here’s how to motivate yourself and your students

For students to dance smarter, they need opportunities and time to think and explore for themselves. Can you remember the environment you grew up in as a dancer? Some of the beliefs you may have internalised as a result might include: Read More
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Recharge your Performance with the Power of Flow

Can you recall a time you were completely absorbed in your performance? It could be something you experienced quite recently, or perhaps you can remember a significant moment from your childhood… Was it the first time you nailed a pirouette? Or that feeling of moving fluidly to music? Read More
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How To Handle Casting: Letting Go Of Expectations

You’ve worked so hard, and feel that this role you’ve been striving for, could be your platform for bigger and better opportunities. Except that your experience of casting day has often lead to disappointment. Read More
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Moving away to pursue your career? 5 tips for a smooth transition

Are you moving to a new school? Or perhaps you’ve landed your first performance job? Although the process of change may feel daunting, being prepared can help make the adjustment as smooth as possible. Seeing beyond the symptoms and responding practically to change will aid you through this transition. Read More
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