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Are your beliefs keeping you from performing at your peak?

I love it when dancers and performers 'get it'...When the light bulb goes on and they start to realise how much their mindset impacts their performance. This is where the magic happens and performance breakthroughs appear! #mindsetiseverything Read More
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How To Stay Body Positive In The Ballet Studio

What images come to your mind when you think of your body? As a dancer, thinking about how your body looks may have become second nature. The way you... Read More
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Sleep – The Hidden Secret To Your Success As A Performer

Sleep, like Alice’s White Rabbit in Wonderland, can seem like a tricky thing to keep up with. Just as you rest your head on your pillow, you spot that little waistcoat darting... Read More
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Will I Ever Be Good Enough? 5 Ways to Tell You’re Improving

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, like you’re running on a treadmill but not getting anywhere? The challenges you face in the performance world may seem... Read More
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Are you making these 3 competition mistakes?

Is waking up with that flurry of nerves on competition day something you’ve grown accustomed to as a performer? Maybe you’ve put the shortness… Read More
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Overcome Performance Obstacles by Adapting your Mindset

While your legs may be limber, could your thinking style be inflexible? You’ve just been to an audition and it didn’t go so well, or so you think. Perhaps you weren’t... Read More
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