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Why Mindset is everything if you want to make it in the performing arts industry

When it comes to performing consistently and reaching your potential as a dancer, singer, actor or musician, your mindset is everything.

Why Mindset?

Because you can have all the talent in the world and spend hours upon hours practicing but if you don’t have your mindset in gear, you’ll be inconsistent, you’ll doubt yourself when it matters most and without meaning to, you’ll hold yourself back from all you can be.

Mindset is what enables you to be fully focussed, stay motivated, see challenges as creative opportunities and believe you. can. do. this.

Mindset is what turns huge dreams into concrete goals and action steps. It’s what takes you from caving under pressure to nailing it under pressure… consistently.

But how?!

Everyone knows you need a great mindset to succeed in this industry, but it seems no-one teaches you HOW to actually develop one! This has always frustrated me and is a big part of why I’m running this webinar

As a performer, you try and work everything out on your own (always second-guessing yourself!) when research-based strategies, skills and insights actually exist that take the guess work out of it all.

So why don’t more performers learn this stuff?

An industry myth about mindset

There’s a myth in the industry that holds a lot of performers back, that says, “You either have what it takes to make it, or you don’t”.

Success is for the talented ones, the ones who are told, ‘you have so much potential’, the teachers’ pets and the prodigies. But if that were the case, I know I would never have made it.

And, neither would Oprah, Misty Copeland, Fred Astaire, Meryl Streep or any of the other great performers who were told, “you’ll never make it” …. “you don’t have what it takes”.

Because that thing that determines if you really can succeed…

It’s your Mindset.

How do you cope with knock-backs, set-backs and failures? How do manage competition & rivalry? How do you stay calm when the pressure is on? How do you keep on track toward your goals? The answer to all of this, is by developing a solid performance mindset.

Your Mindset isn’t something you either have or don’t have… it’s something you can actively develop and refine. You just need to learn how.

If you’re ready to step up and start learning how to develop your mindset so you can be resilient in a tough industry and become the performer you know you can be, make sure you reserve your spot for my upcoming webinar on Developing Your Mindset For Success.

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Because you have a potential to reach and a future to take hold of.

Let’s do this!
🙂 Philippa

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