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Overcome Performance Obstacles by Adapting your Mindset

While your legs may be limber, could your thinking style be inflexible? You’ve just been to an audition and it didn’t go so well, or… Read More

Why Mindset is everything if you want to make it in the performing arts industry

When it comes to performing consistently and reaching your potential as a dancer, singer, actor or musician, your mindset is everything. Why Mindset? Because… Read More

A Beginner Stage Mum’s Tale

Stage Mum The term has a bit of a sour edge to it, wouldn’t you say? Not something you’d intentionally define yourself as. “I’m not one… Read More

10 Reasons Improvisation Should Be An Integral Part of All Vocational Ballet Training

After watching the first day of the Prix de Lausanne livestream yesterday, I have to admit, something that the Prix’s artistic director, Amanda… Read More

Creating a Class Environment In Which Dancers Thrive

Last week I was fortunate enough to speak at Ausdance Victoria’s International Dance Educator’s Workshop. I had a few requests from readers to… Read More

Handling the exposure of critiques and reviews

Reviews, critiques, constructive feedback, pointers, tips, honest opinions… Most performers are familiar with the edge of fear that comes up when your work… Read More

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