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10 Dancer Health & Wellness Blogs (you may not even know exist!)

When I first got into blogging and creating resources to support the dance-world online, there was not much out there.

Slowly things are building, but whenever I read a fantastic dance article or hear a really spot-on podcast, I wonder:

  • Is this information finding its way to the people who need it most?
  • Do dancers access all the help and support that is available online?
  • Do they even know it is there?

So, I decided to put it all on one page for you, so you can find it quickly and simply.

[message_box bg=”#6F151B”] Top 10 Dancer Health & Wellness Blogs [/message_box]

The Ballet Blog

One of the best and most accessible portals for finding real, solid information on every type of physical issue you can think of: injuries, pointe work, turnout, flexibility etc. as well as thorough programs that will help you to understand how your body works and how to work with it to dance at your best for the long run.

I’ve been fortuntate enough to meet Lisa and she is a beautiful woman, who is so passionate about what she does. More than just a physiotherapist, she cares about the big picture of the way dancers are trained, supported and developed in safe, healthy and caring ways.


This blog covers all the bases for pre-professional & professional dancers. The font may be a little small, but the content is worth squinting for! Catherine has an entire panel of qualified and esteemed health & wellness writers, and they put out excellent, thorough and up-to-date information: check out their recent 3-part series on Core control and goal setting.

Dance Advantage

Nichelle runs a super-thorough all-round website for dancers, students, teachers, parents etc. You’ll find info on a range of subjects, but here are some of my recent health/wellness favourites on body image: ballet & self-hatred and improving body image.

Dance Healthier

Jill blogs on all aspects of health & wellness. She is a former dancer, passionate about helping dancers understand what a “healthy dancer” actually is. Have a read of these sweet posts on being daring and visualisation!

Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins

Ballet Shoes and Bobby Pins is the kind of blog that is just nice to come back to again and again to find great articles that are just a pleasure to read. The blog covers topics such as dancer wellness, practical ideas as well as interviews with dancers.

The Dance Training Project

Monika Volkmar is based in Canada and she is passionate about debunking the myths that are way too common in the dance world about strength & conditioning training… Why do you do crunches? And what is so bad about your quads? Monika’s stuff is research-based, but written in such down-to-earth lingo, you’ll love it! She also runs programs for dancers in Toronto, if you’re lucky enough to live there, and hopefully she’ll be having an online course for you soon!

Releve Your Life

Cydny & Michelle write a great blog for dancers. They know you, they get you, they are there to help you reach your goals! Check out their latest blogs on dance and your personal life and how to stand out at an audition (I *really* love this one!) J

More Than Dancers

New kid on the block, coming from Misty Lown’s inspirational leadership, this blog is perfect for teens, full of pictures and quick, simple tips to apply in your dancing. There are tips for dance, life, styling and dancing at college. Check it out!

Centred Stage

Elizabeth is a former dancer turned health coach who blogs on wellness for dancers as well as providing recipes for healthy eating. Check out her recent articles on easing into the year and including Lentils in your diet.

Dance Wisdom

A relatively new, but really well researched and clearly written blog on performance psychology for dancers. Check out Dr. Charlotte’s recent article on Goals & Motivation.


Of course, there is our own blog at Here to Help Dancers! 😉 I’d love it if you’d have a look around and let me know what you think in the comments!

Bonus Podcast Pick:

Balancing Pointe

This great podcast is run by Kimberly Falker. She runs weekly interviews with professional dancers & others in the dance-workd and also has an “Ask Megan” show, run by NYCB and Broadway star Megan Fairchild. She’s also looking to expand with programs for the wider dance world too, so stay tuned!

So, what are your go-to dance blogs? Add your own fav’s in the comments below.

Here’s to helping you!

🙂 Philippa

photo credit: Kamakura’s beach (license)

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