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Creating a Class Environment In Which Dancers Thrive

Last week I was fortunate enough to speak at Ausdance Victoria’s International Dance Educator’s Workshop. I had a few requests from readers to… Read More

Handling the exposure of critiques and reviews

Reviews, critiques, constructive feedback, pointers, tips, honest opinions… Most performers are familiar with the edge of fear that comes up when your work… Read More

Even Principals Need Help Believing In Themselves

As we gear up for the Believe In Yourself online course that’s coming up quickly – next week (!) I’ve enjoyed chatting with Stephan… Read More

10 Dancer Health & Wellness Blogs (you may not even know exist!)

When I first got into blogging and creating resources to support the dance-world online, there was not much out there. Slowly things are building,… Read More

Emotions & the Body – Part 2: Don’t fear feelings – express them!

In Part 1 we talked about the connection between emotions and the body and how vital emotional awareness is in developing so many… Read More

Coping with Criticism Hangout

“You’ll never be a dancer” “You’re not even trying” “Your body’s not right for ballet” Almost all dancers have experienced some form of criticism,… Read More

Emotions and the body – Part 1: Dance is emotion in motion

Feelings are a big part of performing as a dancer. Think of the most memorable performances you’ve seen, what made them memorable? Isn’t… Read More

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